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Courtallam (59 Kms)

Courtallam,  the "Spa of the South" , is situated at an elevation of about 167 meters on  the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli District.It is an excellent health resort.The waters of Courtallam is believed to have medicinal qualities as it flows through forests of herbs.Courtallam is 160 Kms from Madurai, 137 Kms from Kanyakumari and 112 Kms from Trivandrum.The nearest airports are Madurai and Trivandrum.The nearest railway stationis Tenkasi which is just  6 Kms from here. Season starts in the month of July and ends in September.   

Has nine Water Falls: 1. Main falls, 2. Chitaruvi, 3. Shenpagadevi falls, 4. Thenaruvi, 5. Five falls, 6. Orchard falls, 7. New falls, 8. Tiger falls, and Old Courtallam falls. Its sheer rock face is carved with old Hindu insignia that is visible only during the dry months of January and February. Other falls,mostly accessed by shuttle buses, are at a distance of eight kms.  


Kutralanathar Temple 

Itis dedicated to Lord Thirukutralanathar (Siva).  This temple contains many inscriptions about chola and Pandya Kings.  Less than a furlong from here, is a small temple called Chitra Sabha (Hall of Pictures) dedicatedto Lord Nataraja.This temple is decorated with paintings of rural deities and devotees, puranic stories and religious events. The sabha is one offive sabhas where Lord Nataraja performed the cosmic dance. 



Ayyanar Sunai  

This spot is 40 Kms from Tiruchendur. There is a natural "Spring" where one can get water throughout the year. A temple is also there which is dedicated to village deity, Ayyanar. It is a good picnic centre. Near by is a forest with sand dunes.



It is a scenic beauty on the way to upper Kodaiyar.  It is also abeautiful picnic spot worth visiting.   

Upper Kodaiyar  
Itis located on the Southern most tip of the western ghats bordering Kerala.Itis a beautiful area where nature is at its best with verdant forests.Tea,Rubber and Cardamom are grown here on a large scale.Manjolai is the best known place here.Kalachi, Nalumukku, Kuthiraiyerri, Oothu are important places where one can have beautiful panoramic view.A Mini Golf Course is also conducted here.   


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